Week One

Starting weight 232.8

This is going to be a long journey…


Cash money!

They say eating healthy is expensive. They are probably right… If you choose expensive proteins and out of season produce.

This week I enjoyed some non-Medifast fares before restarting. And yes, my McDonald’s breakfast was under $4 (three items off the dollar menu). But a MF meal is under $3. And it contains more nutrients.

While McDonald’s was relatively inexpensive, the rest of our vacation dining didn’t come close! And yes I wasn’t cooking at home, but I know cooking at home can be done cheap AND healthy. A can of collard greens cost me 78 cents last week. Pair that with a couple eggs and you have another meal under $3 but also healthy!

So my MF box was waiting on my stoop when I returned from vacation. And I can’t wait to get started again…

Gone but not forever…

Where have I gone? I was doing great on Medifast and then started noticing my short term memory was going. I couldn’t decide if it was work or the diet. Could cutting carbs be causing my memory loss?

I was dealing with too much work to stop and figure it out. I am not even 30 years old… how could my memory go away all of a sudden? And when a major memory issue caused a problem at work, I knew I had to fix something. Since I couldn’t quit my job, I quit my diet.

Was it Medifast? I think it might have played a part. I was eating on the low end of what is possible carb-wise which could have caused the problems. But I am having memory issues now and trust me, there is no lack of carbs here!

So I will be back. I ordered another shipment, and have everything planned for my return. Unfortunately that return won’t be happening for another week (I didn’t order expedited). So stay tuned… I will be MF-ing but keeping an eye on my memory at the same time.

Hmph they’re burned!

So I got a new box of goodies yesterday. I am a terrible dieter just like I am a terrible foodie. People have staple foods? Not me. I like to try new things all the time! So when I got my initial Momentum package (which got discontinued shortly after… seriously people?!?!?!) and discovered Medifast wasn’t terrible, I decided to order some of the cool stuff I didn’t get in the starter pack.

I look forward to trying everything but I am only feeling the love on some of what I got yesterday. Here’s my initial breakdown. This is more for me, so that I can remember these things when I reorder and also so I can figure out how the heck to deal with some of these foods.

Brownies: YUCK YUCK YUCK Maybe I haven’t been on Medifast long enough to like the brownies. I undercooked it so it wouldn’t dry out like people recommended. It was still crumbly cakey and it had the WORST chemical aftertaste. EW. And I am the idiot who ordered two boxes of these… this will be a fun one to play with.

Parmesan Cheese Puffs: These were delicious. Cheesey and puffy goodness that made me feel like I was not on a prepackaged diet. I licked the cheese out of the bottom and confession time…. I dropped two and considered eating them off the floor. Real confession… it was outside and in dirty mud and people were watching. Obvi it went in the trash. I almost cried. And you get a fair amount of these beauties in a baggie!

Cinnamon Pretzels: How do they mess these up! I have read a number of Medifast complaints about the quality control on the pretzels, puffs and snacks. I figured that it was just a couple people bitching. But um my pretzels had the nastiest burnt aftertaste. They didn’t look burned! I am debating calling customer service but work is so stressful right now I have no idea how I would find time to sit on hold forever and then ship them back. Based on the consistency in quality control complaints, I am just going to hope the next serving is extra delicious. I can choke down six more bags, right?

Blueberry Oatmeal: I honestly don’t know why people are always hating on the oatmeal. Maybe it is because I have eaten a ton of oatmeal in my life. From instant to steel cut to irish to traditional rolled… from cheap to expensive and homemade to cafeteria… so I guess I don’t have a set idea on how oatmeal should taste. I LOVE the oatmeal. I add extra water to make it sludgey and drink it down at work. It is super filling, not fake sweet, and the closest thing to fruit I am getting on Medifast (there are dried fruit bits).

Cheddar Snack Crisps: These were tiny and a few were overcooked. But they met my snack need this afternoon. They are a bit pricey and snacks are optional so I won’t eat them every day but with TOM on it’s way I am glad to have this snack option.

I also got two new water enhancement flavors. The raspberry acai reminded me of cough syrup… I am thinking I will water it down more and mix it with a sparkling water… hopefully that will help! The strawberry lemonade is delish! I will be ordering more of that one. I love that there is no aspartame in these like the Crystal Light packets I could never have.

On trial tomorrow: Chili, Cherry Pomegranate Shake, Vegetable Crackers, S’mores Crisp Bar, Dark Chocolate Shake, Peach Oatmeal

And I face the scale for week two…

Oh the math!

On Medifast you get three condiments, 1 snack, one Lean and Green meal, a variable amount of fat servings based on what lean protein you choose, and your five MF meals. Whch doesn’t sound incredibly complicated until it all starts adding up during the day. For example, unless you are eating all one protein, the math to combine the proteins gets complicated since you are allow X ounces of some things and Y ounces of others.

Today’s menu… it looks like I have gone over my protein but I *think* I still have one snack left:

Breakfast: Chips made out of the MF chicken noodle soup, water, and a tbsp of hot sauce (one MF meal, one condiment)

Snack: Chocolate bar made out of the MF 70 dutch chocolate shake and 5 Capella caramel drops (one MF meal, one condiment)

Lunch: Three Morningstar breakfast patties (Lean), 10 Laughing Cow cubes (1 fat serving)

Snack: MF 70 strawberry shake made with water (one MF meal)

Snack: Portabella mushroom cap that weighed 70g, 1/2 cup diced tomatoes, 1 oz ground turkey breast, 1 tbsp Parmesan cheese (3 veggies because the mushroom counts for two, one condiment for the cheese, and extra protein… the MF info says 7ounces of super lean ground turkey which is what this was so I guess it wasn’t terrible?)

It is almost 5pm and I still have two MF meals and a snack. I think? I am planning on counting the extra protein as my snack but if the withdrawals get bad I may break into the dill pickles I just bought.

The main lesson I am learning is to pay attention to everything that goes into my mouth. Any time I add something to a meal, it adds up!

Birthing a new blog: an internal struggle with medifast

I am almost 29. Wow. And less than two months before my birthday, my doctor told me I would be taking a new journey. As someone who has struggled with weight for most of my adult life, the journey has never been easy. However injuries and a chaotic job have left me worse for the wear. So my doctor strongly advised me to consider a diet that seemed to be the antithesis of my “real food” life focus.

But I am more concerned about recovering from injuries and lightening the weighty burden on my body to protest any more. So less then two weeks ago, a giant box arrived on my doorstep. The box was fulled of smaller boxes and packets which would make up most of my meals for the next month. And so began my journey with Medifast.

This blog is an opportunity to explore this journey without judgment from those who I would once have shared judgment with. Packets of powder are not food my friends would say. And they might be right. But they are the prescription that I need to follow if I want to live a healthier lifestyle in the long run.